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For small and mid-size make-to-stock (MTS), make-to-order (MTO), or assemble-to-order (ATO) manufacturers who struggle to track shop floor data, look no further than Shop Floor Insight – a complete and easy-to-use Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Entry-level accounting software packages are not designed to manage production on the shop floor. Spreadsheets can quickly get messy and complicated. With Shop Floor Insight MES, you have an intuitive interface to help you manage production orders, supply planning, capacity planning, scheduling, time tracking, reporting and a whole lot more.

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Data collection and acquisition for better decision making

Shop Floor Insight MES facilitates data collection on the shop floor by using barcodes and web-based terminals to easily collect and track data. Data includes employee time, machine time, rework time, material consumption, material output, and more.

Data enables the MES to streamline material and capacity planning to optimize resources and assets while keeping on schedule and meeting deadlines.

MES Scheduling

Streamline scheduling with a graphical dispatch list

Shop Floor Insight MES includes a graphical layer to the included production schedule enabling production managers and employees to view and manage loading more effectively.

With Shop Floor Insight MES, you’ll easily visualize exactly what work is scheduled at each workstation. The graphical interface enables employees to clock on, record output and perform all tasks you would expect from a dispatch list.

Highly configurable, built-in quality control

Shop Floor Insight MES includes a versatile quality control module. Pass and fail parameters can be assigned to specific jobs with the ability to log actual results. The quality control module helps to reduce rework, produces a more consistent product and increases overall customer satisfaction.

MES Quality Inspection

Performance reporting at your fingertips

With Shop Floor Insight MES, users can easily track Righ First Time (RFT), rework, scrap, output and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

When it comes to rework, time and costs can be assigned to specific categories or departments. This is useful in determining the root cause of the rework which leads to modifying processes to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Track production output with lot and serial numbers

As the flow of goods in today’s supply chain becomes more and more complex, the ability to keep track of items is increasingly important to the companies involved. Whether you need to comply with regulations or need to keep track of the products you sell, you’ll appreciate the lot number and serial number capabilities of Shop Floor Insight MES.

MES Output
Maintenance Management

Manage the bidirectional flow of production data

Production tracking and dispatch are easily managed because all data from the manufacturing floor is stored in real-time. This helps all departments and personnel keep their finger on the pulse.

Shop Floor Insight MES is backed by a feature-rich ERP that not only helps manage the manufacturing process but will also facilitate sales and order entry as well as the accounting side of your business.

Instruction and drawing document management

Shop Floor Insight MES enables users to include specific instructions, documents, and drawings for every task that makes up a production or work order. When an employee selects a specific task, they can be presented with any details needed to complete the task.

The documentation feature in Shop Floor Insight MES helps reduce rework, improves productivity and maintains consistency across orders.

Instructions and Drawings
Preassigned Tasks

Manage your staff with pre-assigned tasks and jobs

Besides being a comprehensive solution for employee time tracking and attendance, Shop Floor Insight enables supervisors to assign specific tasks to employees. Employees can easily log into the MES and see their tasks, clock-on to jobs (individually or batch) and perform their work.

Because employee time is automatically tracked, time cards are dynamically generated and the interface makes it easy for managers to review and approve. Shop Floor Insight MES will highlight discrepancies within time cards for managers rectify helping to keep the data accurate.

Complete production management capabilities

Shop Floor Insight MES provides a complete set of production tools including bills of material (BOMs), routings, machine operators, and available machinery.

You will configure manufacturing features, define shop floor work hours, select planning principles and set the production capacity of each resource. The work center calendar enables users to specify the working days or hours, shifts, holidays, and absence to determine the work center’s gross available capacity.

Process Management

An MES packed with capabilities

Manage all inventory including raw material, work-in-process, finished goods, and MRO goods.

Shop Floor Insight records output in real-time which helps streamline planning and fulfillment.

Accurately manage bills of material to increase shop floor efficiency, quality and, output.

Manage production orders with the integrated planning tools to help optimize machine time and throughput.

Built-in tools manage subcontract work and help keep the overall manufacturing process on schedule.

Powerful integrated MRP functionality provides time-phased formal plans including usage and scrap.

Manage and track both machine and labor capacities to optimize production schedules and maximize output.

Shop Floor Insight helps maximize output on bottleneck resources to increase revenue.

Easily and accurately capture time and attendance on the shop floor using barcoded shop travelers.

Visual your manufacturing schedule by work centers and view job details. Reschedule tasks with an easy drag-and-drop.

Shop Floor Insight enables manufacturers to track time, consumption, quality, output and more.

Reduce rework time and returns with a fully configurable quality inspection feature that ensures goods are produced to spec.

Shop Floor Insight enables you to track when rework is required including the reason for the rework. The data collected helps manufacturers identify issues and areas for improvement.

Shop Floor Insight provides out-of-the-box reports as well as tools to create your own reports. View productivity by employee, monitor job and production order progression, and costs in real-time at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Shop Floor Insight will alert supervisors with visual cues if there are validation issues during the approval process, making the work of approving time cards quick and easy. Supervisors can use the approval interface to review all employee time details, adjust clock in/out times, adjust recorded time on activities, and send notes to payroll or other users.

The time & attendance data collected by Shop Floor Insight can be easily exported for integration with any payroll provider. Payroll users can easily export the data to excel or a custom export can be developed for integration with specific payroll providers. Electronically transferring the payroll data helps to ensure the data is entered accurately into the Payroll system and reduces the overhead of double entry.

With Shop Floor Insight, you will improve shop safety by recording and publishing hazard assessments, logging and implementing corrective actions, and tracking employee certifications and training.

Shop floor employees will appreciate the barcoded shop travelers because it makes tracking time for specific tasks easy. Simply scan a task to clock-on and scan again to clock-off. All time details are neatly recorded and reporting in Shop Floor Insight.

Shop Floor Insight enables users to track inventory both for consumption and output. Further tracked details include scrap as well as lot and serial numbers.

Shop Floor Insight can calculate either Master Planning Schedule (MPS) or Material Requirements Planning (MRP) on request, or it can calculate both at the same time.

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